Brimstone Creative Co. was founded out of a deep desire to create genuine and thoughtful imagery in the digital age. Fire is the purest refiner of fine metals. We believe that it is through this same perpetual process of refinement that we will ever remain students of our craft. Whether in photo or film, we are keenly passionate about storytelling.

Th‍‍‍e Team

The D‍‍‍ream

Meet t‍‍‍he Team‍‍‍

Found‍‍‍er, Storyteller

Sam‍‍‍my Lopez

Sammy's creative abilities were evident at an early age. He built 'cities' out of empty soda bottles and duct tape & hosted magic shows for friends. His love of art, music, and people found their purpose the moment he picked up a camera. It was then that he found what it was all for: telling stories.

Find him on YouTube.‍‍‍

Summer earned her title long before Brimstone was founded, through her sweet spirit and eagerness to serve. She leaves smiles on the hearts of all she encounters.

Summer Kn‍‍‍ight

Happiness‍‍‍ Hero

Smile Enthusiast, Pu‍‍‍pper


A loyal compantion through late-night editing sessions and snack runs, we wouldn't be who we are today without Miss Gretchen. Simply put, we consider her to be the real driving-force of the team.  

Shoot Coor‍‍‍dinator

Genie Lopez‍‍‍‍‍‍

Whether organizing shoots or finalizing contract details, Genie's nurturing attributes and attention to detail help keep us lazer-focused and always prepared. Plus, she makes killer banana nut bread and never lets a special occasion go unnoticed.