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Chad Lawson


Steinway artist Chad Lawson is composing original music, tailor-made for listening to Scripture without distraction for Dwell.

L‍‍‍earn more about Dwell: dwellapp.io

Lightstock licenses faith-based stock to churches and non-profits around the world. We wanted to communicate a sense of unity within the church, as all of Lightstock's content is created by the church, for the church.


By the Church, for ‍‍‍the‍‍‍ Church

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Prixel Creative


Dwell is partnering with artists and designers to create original artwork for the app‍‍‍, illustrating Scripture in interesting and evocative ways.

A film from our short time in Oregon. Created out of deep longing to return.‍‍‍

From Ashes‍‍‍